Freelance Dive Instructor and Dive Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Underwater Photography Specials

Special offers for underwater photographers and videographers … and wannabes !

Photo Special A

PADI Specialty Course ‘Digital Underwater Photography’ Level 1 and 2
Price: 99 Euro (plus price of the dives)

Photo Special B

Guided dives for underwater photographers and videographers: you tell me how long you want to stay in front of one single nudibranch – I will adjust to your speed, be your ‘spotter’ and guide the dive. Only your NDL and air consumption will limit your dive time.
Normal prices per dive (see price list) apply.

Photo Special C

U/W camera rental: available are two Panasonic Lumix TZ22, one Sea&Sea YS-02 strobe, one Sola 800 Photo light and one GoPro Hero HD Action Cam with red filter. All three cameras are capable of photo shots and video.

Rental fees for cameras:
Day one is 29 Euro, each subsequent day see price list.

Rental fees for strobes (incl. batteries):�
Day one is 9 Euro (only in context with camera rental, see above), each subsequent day see price list.

Camera and strobe rental only for dives guided by me and depending on suitable dive conditions !