Freelance Dive Instructor and Dive Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Padi Courses

PADI stands for ‘Professional Association of Diving Instructors’, the world’s largest scuba training and certification agency. With more than 40 years of experience, 135.000 dive stores and resorts worldwide provide you with PADI course materials and services and thus with the opportunity to enjoy scuba adventures wherever you travel. PADI certifications are recognized worldwide. As of today, nearly 20 millions certifications have been issued and we see an average annual growth of about another million.



Course Prerequisites

You find the special prerequisites for each course in the detailed course description. In any case you will have to answer a Medical Questionnaire according to your best knowledge and on your own responsibility. Though this is considered technically and legally sufficient, I would still recommend seeing a dive doctor (hyperbaric specialist) before you commence your first scuba training and in regular intervals later on. In case you cannot answer ALL questions with a clear NO, you have to provide medical clearance anyway. Ask me for contact details of a dive doctor in your vicinity. For your convenience you can download your questionnaire here and already bring a signed copy with you:
Medical Questionnaire and Doctor’s Approval Form (external link)

I will also ask you to sign the mandatory ‘Liability Release and Assumption of Risks’ and a ‘Statement of Understanding of Safe Diving Practices’.

PADI Referrals

In case you can not complete a PADI course somewhere else due to time or other restrictions, your PADI Instructor can refer you to me. I am also open for cooperation with other PADI dive centers, so you can e.g. complete the theory and pool part (‘confined water training’) of your Open Water Course in your home country and continue with the open water dives here in Bali’s pleasantly warm waters. E-mail me for details !


A modern and sure for many of you the most convenient way to complete your dive theory in advance – at home, at the office or even on the beach in front of your PC. Please check available courses here at
or e-mail me.