Freelance Dive Instructor and Dive Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Penida

and Nusa Lembongan

Manta Point

Rocky landscape near the southern tip of Nusa Penida. Very good chance to meet Mantas at the cleaning station (some bolders which reach up to 5 meters below the surface).  

Crystal Bay, South Penida Rock and Bat Cave

Three adjacent sites. A shallow bay with hard coral, a drop-off with a chance to see Mola-Mola (currents can be fierce here) and a beautiful cave with a window which lets in sunlight and is home for lots of bats.

Gamat Bay

Smaller bay north of Crystal Bay. Watch out fo tricky currents ! 


Sloping reef at the north-eastern corner of the Ceningan Channel. Normally easy drift diving but be cautious. Sloping down to 30 meters and more. Chances to see Mola-Mola and Mantas.

S.D. (Sekolah Dasar)

Sloping reef on Nusa Penida’s north coast. Drift dive , all depths.
Enormous amounts of aquatic life.

Pura Ped

Similar to  S.D.

Jack Point

Sloping reef at Nusa Lembongan’s north coast. Drift dive with a chance for  sharks, rays and Mola-Mola.

Blue Corner

similar to Jack Point but steeper, descend over the reef’s edge and start flying along the reef. Currents can reach up to 6 knots ! Chance for  sharks, rays and Mola-Mola.

Lembongan Bay

Shallow protected bay, good for snorkelers.