Freelance Dive Instructor and Dive Guide in Bali, Indonesia


Only 10 minutes by car from Tulamben we find three more interesting dive sites. Expect currents – sometimes strong – and waves which might make entry and exit difficult if not impossible.

The ‘Boga’ shipwreck, aka ‘New Shipwreck’ or ‘Relax Shipwreck’

Slightly south-east of the Relax Resort (hence the new name) this is a deliberately sunken Patrol Boat of the Indonesian Navy. It rests on the sand somewhere between 20 and 30 meters and as it was only sent to the bottom in 2012 it is not overgrown yet, though we can see some coral growth starting and fish are populating it already. Batfish, Bannerfish, Nudibranchs, etc.

The (open) lower hold has a treasure chest with liquor bottles J and there are interesting swim-throughs (two lower deck levels) and photo opportunities around the helm.

Porters will carry your dive gear to the entry point, where we reach the water climbing over some bolders. We find the wreck, following some strong steel cables which prevent it from slipping further down the slope. They also come in handy when there is a stronger current to fight. On the way back we might make it as far as Kubu Coral Garden South if direction of the current and air consumption allows.

Kubu Coral Garden South

Entry point is in front of the ‘Relax Bali Resort’ right at the dead end of the road over a flight of stone steps. Sandy bottom at 5 meters with some boulders and a stone statue. On the right side (towards south-east) good coral growth and a chance for small critters. Frogfish ! Best diving between 5 and 20 meters.

Kubu Coral Garden North

From the same entry point like Coral Garden South, turn slightly left (north-west) and follow the slope down to 30 meters (or more if you have ‘Deep’ Specialty). Lots of good macro stuff, e.g. ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses. Watch your bottom time while taking photos 😉