Freelance Dive Instructor and Dive Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Amed & Lipah


Five minutes by small boat (Jukung) from Jemeluk. On descent we hit the sand between 12 and 20 meters where we find a number of steel structures which account for the name and are part of a successful reef project. Fully grown with hard and soft corals, home to hundreds of species. Ghost pipefish, huge batfish, lionfish, scorpionfish, etc. Squids and Blue-spotted stingrays hunting over the sandy bottom.

Jemeluk (Wall)

Five minutes from Jemeluk, again by small Jukung. Steep drop-off with usually good visibility, best between 10 and 30 meters. Chances for bigger encounters, watch the deep blue and also the bottom below the wall ! On the way back, the reef top with its dense soft coral makes a perfect place for an – even prolonged – safety stop !

Lipah Bay, Japanese Shipwreck

Easy to reach smaller shipwreck (origin not confirmed but presumably sunk during WWII) in shallow water (7-18 meters) with an easy beach entry. Good for OWDs and snorkelers too. Lots of life, schools of glass fish, good variety of nudibranchs. To the left there is a (very shallow) big patch of acropora coral (better for snorkeling than scuba diving) and further down the slope at 25 meters we might find pygmy seahorses on some of the coral fans there.
Due to wave action visibility can sometimes be low in the shallows.